Workouts for the week of 11/18/13 through 11/24/13

I will be out of town next week enjoying my honeymoon! Here are the workouts for the entire week! Follow along as best you can and don’t cherry pick your workouts! Good luck!

Monday: DE Lower Body
Start with 3 reps of box squat on the minute for 10 minutes. Rest 5-10 minutes and the perform the following for time:
Death by burpees:
Do one burpee the first minute, two burpees the second minute and so on adding one burpee each minute until you cannot finish the set within the minute.

Tuesday: short intervals
Sprint 100m x20
100m recovery jog between intervals

Wednesday: ME Upper Body
Work up to a heavy single on bench press. Take as many sets as needed. Rest 5-10 minutes and then perform the following for time:
3 rounds of
12 one arm dumbbell snatch alternating arms with 40#
50 meter farmers carry with 25# bumper plates (one in each hand, no fingers through the hole!)

Thursday: short range met con
For time:
21-15-9 reps of wall ball shot with 20# dynamax med ball
Complete one full suicide on basketball court after each set of wall balls

Friday: DE Lower Body
Perform 5 box jumps on the minute for 10 minutes. Rest 5-10 minutes and then perform the following

15 x50 m (25m down and back) sled push with 140# loaded on the sled.
Alternate low handles and high handles,
Rest 1 minute between rounds or if you have a partner, take turns with little rest between.

Saturday: full rest day

Sunday: Short Distance Time Trial Run
After a long warm up, perform a 800m (1/2 mile run). Perform a thorough cool down run or row afterwards. Good luck!!

Coach C & Coach G

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