Working hard or hardly working? 

It’s no secret, we haven’t been putting out content as furociously as normal.  Our sweet little one up there has given me an awesome distraction…can you blame me?!

But things are settling down and we have a lot of projects coming down the pipeline!! Thanks for sticking with us.  We won’t disappoint you. Some of the things we are working on are:

Ebook companion to the Panda Block 12 week program

GFS radio- the Grenade Fitness podcast

Gorilla Block training program for hypertrophy (mass) with accompanying ebook

Full exercise index with videos, images, and gifs

A survey to find out what YOU want from Grenade Fitness! Without you, we are just a couple of guys geeking out over training.  We want to get clear on who our audience is and what they want.  I’m excited to find out…it’s  long overdue!

Thanks for hanging with us! And as always, thanks for training with us!


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