The Panda Block-12 Week Training Program Available NOW!

The Panda Block 12 week training program was created to for those who are looking to improve their overall fitness, strength, and endurance with closely regulated training volume and intensity.  We have used this training program for tactical athletes, CrossFit athletes who wanted a strength bias in their training, motorcyclists, and general fitness enthusiasts.

This program is extremely easy to use and all of the math has been calculated for you.  Don’t worry about punching in numbers into a calculator between sets, just put your 1 rep max in the red column on week one.  All of the training percentages will be displayed for the entire 12 week program.

This program has everything you need and consists of a 4 day a week training schedule.  You won’t need an specialized equipment, most gyms and fitness centers will have what you need.  A rower or Ski Erg would be a bonus, but aren’t mandatory.  You’ll be able to select the loads for your accessory movements and met-cons, so you control the intensity as you go.  Just make sure you are hitting the rep ranges that are prescribed.

If you’re ready to get Panda Strong, give this program a shot.  You won’t regret it!



PS. Don’t forget your Panda Block shirt!  Click HERE to get one!



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