Rest Day Review: A new direction for Grenade Fitness

The long time followers of Grenade will recognize Saturday as a rest day.  The rest day review will become a weekly article post on Saturdays which will hopefully bring a little insight into some areas of training that you may be neglecting, have questions about, or just some additional information that might help you along the way.  After all, we like to break a mental sweat, too.  In addition to posting weekly articles for your reading pleasure, the format for the website is going to change a little bit.

After much thought, we decided that the daily programming for Grenade Fitness was not serving to fulfill the goals of our coaching staff.  Therefore, we are going to discontinue our daily workout posts in an effort to provide more comprehensive programming.  With that being said, the primary content of this website will remain free and most of our general programming will ALWAYS be free for our faithful readers.  We will continue to post in the same blog format for now, which will allow all of our previous workouts (all 900+) to be archived and full searchable by the categories or keywords.  The new focus will be on longer, organized, and periodized training programs with specific goals in mind.  The first 3 programs which are already in the works, include a comprehensive 5k/10k running program with complete strength training template and running workouts, 12 week muscle building program for strength and size development, and an 8 week fat loss program designed to help retain muscle mass and lose body fat.

While this is a good transitional period for us to make this change, there may be a few of you who wish to finish out the current strength cycle.  Attach some met-con work or accessory work to the strength workouts but searching in the archives.

The movements for P4 are: Floor Press, Front Squat, Push Press, and Sumo Dead Lift

P4.2: 3×5 reps at 75%, 80%, and 95% (you have push press and sumo DL remaining)

P4.3: 3×3 reps at 85%, 90%, and 95%

P4.4 (deload): 3×10 reps at 40%, 45%, and 50%

Coach Gordon, and myself have put a lot of time and energy in providing the daily workouts for the website these past 3 years.  There are plenty of excellent workouts and ideas contained in the archives and I hope that they will continue to be useful to everyone.  We are both excited about this new change in format because it will allow us to produce better content for you.  Contact us at and let us know what sort of content you would like to see!  We love what we do here at Grenade Fitness and we want everyone to have all the information they need to achieve all of their fitness related goals.  We thank everyone for following along with us.  Hang on to your hats, folks.  It’s about to get even better!


the Grenade Fitness Coaching Staff

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