Motivation Monday! Which Wolf are You Feeding?

MM 11-2-15

This week’s motivation Monday is all about the mental game!  Make sure that your thoughts are serving you, and not the other way around!

I first read about this old Native American parable in Mark Divine’s book The Way of the SEAL.  I’ve heard it contributed to the Cherokee and a few others, but really it’s the message that is important.

The full parable is told from the perspective of a grandfather talking to his grandson.  We can use this technique whenever we feel ourselves getting beat down by life.  Just stop and ask.

“Which wolf am I feeding right now?”

Keep a close eye on this during your training, your business, and your relationships.

The wolf you feed will ALWAYS win.

If you want to check out The Way of the SEAL, click the link below!  I highly recommend it.  Mark Divine is a retired Commander for the U.S. Navy SEALs.  Divine has also had great success in business building several multi million dollar companies.  This is a great introduction into the world of personal development with a lot a really good stories and techniques.

Good luck everyone and have a great week!




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