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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good back pack.  I’ve been carrying a backpack to work every day since, well probably since I started working!  I have had 2 different Ogio brand packs that had small cooler compartments in them, which I found to be good for carrying a meal or two.  However, these packs with the cooler compartments have been getting difficult to find lately.

The good news is, I recently got a NEW back pack and I was waiting to review it until I knew how it would work, but so far its been awesome.  I went from carrying a backpack and a workout duffel bag to just this one pack and it can carry two full sized meals too.  This bag is the FitMark Transporter Backpack.  FitMark makes a bunch of other meal management bags, but I’m partial to a back pack, and this was the only one that had a place to store meals.

The Pros

This backpack will carry everything you need.  It’s got plenty of space, a side pocket for a water bottle, a sleeve inside for a laptop or tablet and the cooler pocket on the bottom for meal storage.  If you aren’t carrying meals, you can removed the lunch box part and have more room in the inside compartment which is handy.

It also comes with a cinch bag for laundry and the small lunch box part is removable which I wasn’t sure about at first, but I actually like it.  It is easy to just grab the lunch box part and not have to carry the whole bag if you’re meeting someone for lunch or something.

The straps are really comfortable and even when loaded down, its a pretty comfortable bag to carry.  I’ve have a full change of clothes, lunches, a tablet, and some general work stuff and it felt fine.  Seems to be a really durable bag so far.

As for the meal management part, it comes with a removable lunch box like I mentioned, two plastic food containers, and two ice packs.  The lunch box itself isn’t insulated, so you need the ince packs to keep the food cold.  I use frozen fruit in my lunch a lot and it works as a ice pack.  1 cup of frozen strawberries can keep my food cool for about 4-5 hours.  That is with the back inside, you might want to have plenty of ice packs ready if you’re outdoors.  Here is all of the parts laid out:

Fitmark Transporter

Things to Know

Every back pack has some flaws and there are a few areas where this bag can be improved.  But if you know it going in, it’s easier to get past the faults of this bag.  I read a lot of reviews before I bought this bag and the main issue was that if the bag is full, you cant hardly get the lunch box in because the stuff in the main compartment collapses the pocket the the lunch box goes in.  I pack my bag so that all of my papers and important stuff is in the lap top sleeve.  All of the gym stuff is in the cinch bag, which means if I pick up on the cinch bag from inside, I can easily slide the lunch box in.  It’s a two hand deal for sure, but my first Ogio cooler back pack was the same way.  A rigid structure on the inside of that pocket might be a nice touch.

The containers that come with the lunch box are pretty neat.  They aren’t special containers other than they say FitMark on them.  The also will not stack very well if you put them away in your pantry or something.  Good news is, A LOT of different containers fit inside the lunch box part with no trouble.

FitMark Lunch Box

So check it out if you’re looking for a new meal management system.  If you always have food with you, its much easier to stay on a good nutrition plan!  I hope this review helped and it if you want to take a look at this bag or some other FitMark products, you can see them here.

Grenade Fitness is an Amazon Associate, so by buying this bag or any other bag through this link you can help support the site.  We don’t have any affiliation with FitMark, I just like the bag!

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