DIY Weightlifting Straps! Cheap and Easy!

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of weightlifting straps for years.  I thought they had to be sewn together, so I put the project on the back burner.  In this article, I’ll show you how to make a pair of straps for weightlifting without sewing.  It only takes a few minutes and they cost just a few dollars.  Check them out!

You might be asking yourself what the difference between these straps and the straps you normally see floating around the gym.  Straps that are used for powerlifting movements typically have a loop on one end that is sewn together and the loose end feeds through that loop and around the bar or other implement.  The advantage of this longer loop is a better hold.  The disadvantage to using this type of strap for weightlifting is that is is hard to release the bar.  These straps are a single loop design that are wrapped around the bar once.  This allows the lifter to bail if things get sketchy without being tangled in the straps.  These are also good for pull ups when you need to release the bar to get down without dislocating your shoulders.

I don’t always use straps.  I use them only on my heaviest of lifts and only when I want to train past the ability of my grip strength.  Holding on to heavy objects is good for you, and you shouldn’t rely on straps all the time.  However, when used appropriately, straps can help you train past your grip limitations.  Here’s how I made mine!

Materials needed:

1 yard of Nylon Webbing in your favorite color.


CA glue- Often referred to as super glue.  I used Gorilla Glue…more on that later.

I’ve provided some affiliate links below to the products I used.  Feel free to shop around for better prices or use what you have on hand.  However, if you do purchase through these links, it helps support the site and helps us to provide for fun content like this! 

Step 1: Choose and cut your material!

The nylon webbing you choose is the most important decision for this project.  1 yard make 3 straps for me, but depending on how long to make yours, you might could get 4.  Having an odd number of straps is a little weird.  Here is a link to some webbing on Amazon where you can get a yard.  Other places like REI have rock climbing webbing sold by the foot.

The loop for your strap should be about same as the length of your hand.  This worked out pretty well for me, but I think when I make another pair, i’ll add about an inch or so to mine.  They ended up being 22inches long.  having a little extra is better than having them too short.  They are a pain to get wrapped if they are too short.  Once you cut the webbing, take a lighter and burn the ends to keep them from unravelling.


Step 2: Make the loop and secure the ends

Some people I’ve seen make these kinds of straps use tape to secure the ends in place.  This is a quick and easy option, but I wanted to see how they would work with some super glue.  Any fastening method would work, I think.  In fact, you don’t even have to fasten them at all.  It just makes it much easier to use them if you do.  The actual joint here doesn’t hold any load, so the glue should hold up fine.

Make sure that when you put the loops together you have one end that is placed right over left and another that is place left over right.  The straps have a particular hand that go on so you may want to mark them.  They will look this when you put them on:

Here is the glue I used.  They recommended that you dampen the material first for this particular type of glue.

*NOTE: If you use this glue, remember that is expands as it dries.  If you use too much it will ooze out and be pretty ugly.  Let it dry for a few minutes and then wipe any squeeze out with a wet rag before it fully cures.

*insert youtube video here!


That’s it!  Strap up and get busy.  This is a pretty easy process and only takes a few minutes.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


If you’re looking for powerlifting style straps, here’s a link to some I purchased from Amazon awhile back.  They have been awesome straps and really good quality.  They look pretty cool too!


Get Better!



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