Authenticity and Consistency: the Future of Grenade Fitness


Grenade Fitness began as a hobby blog in the summer of 2012.  I was programming workouts for some work study students and some buddies of mine from the local Sheriff’s Department and I got tired of writing out the same workout each day on index cards.  I hopped on a free blogging platform and began posting daily workouts which are still in the blog section of the site.  Every single one of them!  They are searchable by category and archived as well.

These workouts were awesome and with the help of my good friend and fellow Grenade Fitness coach, Scott Gordon, we added some pretty saucy running workouts in the mix.  After posting 6 times a week for about two and half years, we decided that we needed a change.  We also weren’t getting the participation and page views we had been receiving, so we had to ask,

“Who are we doing this for?”

We switched up the format and began building blocks of training that anyone could start at any time and get some awesome results.  At the same time, I wanted some more functionality behind the site and so I did some upgrades and switched to paid version of WordPress about a year ago.  It costs money to host the site, but it allows us to provide you all with a lot more services.  It got me wondering if I could monetize the site and use it for a significant source of additional income.  So, I began learning all about the world of internet marketing and content production.

I started with Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income Podcast.  If you want to know ANYTHING about how to make money by podcasting, writing, blogging, affiliate  marketing, selling a course, and any other way to make money online, Pay Flynn is the ultimate source.  He’s authentic, transparent, honest, and extremely good at what he does.  One thing I learned, however, is that Pat does this as his primary job.  He spends a great deal of time, money, and energy on developing his site and podcasts, and he’s been rewarded greatly for it!

But what I learned about the process is two-fold.  One, I love my day job as the Fitness and Wellness Director at North Florida Community College, and I don’t have any intentions of leaving my job.  It takes up a lot of my creative focus and a lot of my physical time.  The other thing is, consistency.  I tried just about everything and we really turned out a lot of content…but you all may not even know about it! We created:

  • An online course: Shoe School
  • Created a Running Seminar (that didn’t make)
  • 5 Different training programs and 2 ebooks
  • Published the Panda Block on Amazon
  • Product Reviews
  • Created an Email List
  • Blew up Pinterest
  • Created a Grenade Fitness Instagram and Facebook page
  • Began selling apparel
  • Began selling RynoPower supplements
  • Got Google AdSense
  • Became an Amazon Affiliate
  • Published a lot of articles

There’s probably a lot more, but that’s just what comes up for now.  The point to all this is, We spent a great deal of time working on content, but it was kind of all over the place.  The goal was to see what the audience responded to and then create more of the same.  It was a fun time learning all about content production and a little bit of marketing (I have a long way to go!)  Throw my incredible, blossoming family into the mix and I think it’s time to change gears a little bit!

You may ask, “but you made some money right?” Well yeah a little bit.  We just about broke even on paying for the hosting fees which area bout $200, and most of the widgets and promotions that we do are free, so we aren’t spending big money either.  I can honestly say that the money we have made was not significant in any one area to continue placing all of our energy into it.  The course didn’t do well, and we sold a few programs, but you always have to factor in the time you spend making the programs and formatting.  It took a several weeks on each.

This isn’t a complaint post by any means.  I never fail because I decided a long time ago that you can’t fail if you learn from the experience.  What we learned from all this is that perhaps making money on the internet in the fitness space is a lot harder than we thought…and we thought it would be hard.  But the biggest lesson I learned from the past 3 years is that consistency is the secret ingredient and being authentic is mandatory.

Moving forward, we are going to provide you with some kick ass content just like we always do.  But we will do things that inspire us, motivate us, and share with you the training programs the we use for our clients, athletes and ourselves!  I have personally tested each of the training programs on the courses and programs page and I will continue to do so, I promise!

We still appreciate the support, the page visits, and clicking on affiliate links like Amazon.    Any donations to the the PayPal button will help to support a scholarship fund that will be used to provide a student at North Florida Community College with a scholarship to help to tuition and books.

On being authentic, I have some new goals and some new projects in the works (big surprise!)  It seems like I’m always working on something, but this one is huge.  I’m working on myself.  I’m creating more awareness, focus and developing my abundance mindset.  Grenade Fitness has always been a great way for me to create deadlines and projects that I’m FORCED to finish.  When I put them on social media blast, I feel obligated to produce.  And I do.  But I’m having trouble lately finishing up some things and getting some projects done.  It might be the 8 month old we have that is peacefully sleeping with her sweet mom right now, but nevertheless, I need to wrap them up.

If you know me personally, you know I’m a pretty big thinker.  I’m a dreamer and I believe in the power of the human mind and the amazing things that humans can achieve when they focus their attention and intentions correctly.

My newest book is in the works, and It will be  directed toward fitness professionals, strength coaches, personal trainers and the like.  It’s all about how to draw the most out of your clients and athletes, how to help them set goals, and how to develop your own capacity for change.  It’s going to be powerful and I hope to turn it into a seminar that will help shape this amazing industry.  It’s not about getting clients and its not about adding 5 pounds to the bar or taking 5 pounds off of the scale.  It’s about getting better, and developing long term healthy habits and above all a healthy self image.

I’ve been on this path for about 10 years.  I’ve read a lot, listened to a lot, studied a lot, but I’m no where near where I want or need to be!  As I focus more attention inward, I want to share it with everyone .  I haven’t decided if a new page would be a better outlet for such things.  What do you think?

It would all be accessible and linked from Grenade Fitness because this website is a HUGE part of my success and I love it dearly.  I’m going to post a few daily or weekly practices that might help us all become more focused and driven individuals.  I’d like to post some resources (which may be affiliate links to help support the site). I want to show you what teachers and topics I am using and I hope they will help you as well.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  We appreciate the support! Thanks for waiting patiently while we figure out what will serve our audience better.  But don’t worry, not much will change!  We will still bring you the best edutainment possible and provide you with some really good programming!

Thanks for training with us!

Coach C

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