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When Grenade Fitness began, we posted daily workouts on the site (which you can can still follow if you go to the archives!)  After logging about 1,000 workouts, we shifted our focus to providing educational content that explained the programming and results we saw from those daily workouts.  We still think those workouts are awesome, and you can follow them by clicking HERE and going to archives, or you can go to the BLOG section and read ALL of our content with the workouts starting on page 1.

Moving forward, we have been furiously working on providing quality programs that are designed to help you with any fitness related goal you might want to achieve.  We have programs for general fitness, hypertrophy, strength, and even a cutting program to help get you lean.  You can find those programs by going to the COURSES AND PROGRAMS section.  As you navigate the site, you should be able to find anything you might be looking for, but if you don’t see something you want, let us know!  Email us at!

Thanks for training with us!

Coach C