1/2/15 Phase 1-Strength Program

This week begins our new strength cycle on the Grenade Fitness Blog.  This cycle will be categorized at “Phase 1” which means you will be able to search this phase and begin at the beginning of the strength cycle, no matter when you chose to begin.  Each strength workout with be based off of your training 1 rep max which is equal to 90% of your true one rep max.  So for example, if your max bench press is 230, you would use 90% of 230 which is 207.  You may chose to use 205 or 210 in this case and base all of your working sets from that number.  It is better to underestimate your working max in the beginning, because each phase will include an increase in your training max.  The next strength cycle will begin on March 18th.  Tuesdays will still be reserved for interval work, Thursdays will still be reserved for Met Con work, and Sunday will still be a running workout.  Good Luck!

Bench press 3×8 reps:

Set 1 @65%

Set 2 @ 70%

Set 3 @ 75%

Rest 5-10 and then complete the following:

21 Box jumps @ 30 inch/24 inch box

21 Kettle Bell Swings

21 power snatches @ 95/65

Rest 1 minute and then repeat


Good Luck!  Post results to comments!


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