1/20/14 DE Upper Body

Start off with 4 reps bench press every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.

Rest 5-10 minutes and then perform the following for time:

50 air squats
10 burpee pull ups
200m sprint
50 air squats
10 burpee pull ups

Good luck and post results to comments!!!

Coach C

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6 thoughts on “1/20/14 DE Upper Body

  1. Jarrod L.

    What kind of weight on bench?

  2. That’s up to you! The goal is to move the bar as fast as you can. I think I will do about 60% of my 1rep max. 30 seconds isn’t much time to recover from a super heavy bench!

  3. Chris O

    60lb dumbell bench, 4:52 routine

  4. Jarrod L.

    205 on bench…4:32 routine

  5. I went light on the bench with 135,

    Rx: 4:40 … You guys smoked that one! Nice work!

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