1/15/14 ME Upper Body

Perform 3 rounds for max repetitions of hand stand push ups. Scale accordingly by either decreasing range of motion with an object under your head, on a box, or (if you have to) strict shoulder press.

Rest 5-10 minutes and then perform the following for time:

“Deck of death”

Grab a deck of cards and draw one card until all cards have been drawn. The exercises are as follows:

Clubs: box jumps
Spades: burpees
Hearts: air squats
Diamonds: push ups
Jokers: 200m sprint

Number cards will be number of reps performed. Face cards are 10 reps. Aces are 11 reps.
Good luck!! Post results to comments!

Coach C

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One thought on “1/15/14 ME Upper Body

  1. Jarrod L.

    25 min…47 cards… 82 box jumps…90 burpees… 95 push ups… 87 air squat

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