1/13/14 DE Lower Body

Start off today with 8 back extensions on a 45 degree back extension bench. Hold a 25# plate.

Rest 5-10 minutes and then perform the following for time:

Row 1000m
21 bar dips
Row 600m
15 bar dips
Row 400m
9 bar dips
Row 200m

*if you do not access to a rower or dip rack, substitute run intervals (800,400,200,100) and push ups! Good luck and post results to comments!

Coach C

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5 thoughts on “1/13/14 DE Lower Body

  1. Jarrod L.

    No time frame or sets on back extensions?

  2. Yes I apologize! That should be on the minute for 10 minutes

  3. Jarrod L.

    11:59…I think coach has turned the heat up since the turn of the new year.

  4. Daniel

    11:14 rows and dips

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