1/11 ME Lower Body/Hidden Horsepower Book Trailer

Hey gang! Big news today, but first let’s get to the workout. Start today with a max effort box squat to box jump. Pick a low box to squat down to and work on explosiveness as you jump to the highest box you can. You have unlimited attempts.

Rest 5-10 minutes then perform the following for time:


Power snatch @ 105
Ring push ups

Below is a trailer for a book I have coming out in February. I’m very excited about this project and it has been a long time in the making. I have a passion for off road motorcycle racing. I have been working on a way to bring functional fitness programs to off road racing athletes for several years now. It is the product of years of observation, research and experimentation. It will be available through Amazon as an ebook. I am working on getting it in a printed version as well.

Enjoy and Thank you,

Coach C

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