10/9 S&C Rest Day/Endurance Workout

Today is a strength and conditioning rest day.

Endurance workout:

4-5 x 1 mile run with 4 min active rest between. This is a tough workout, scale accordingly. Keep efforts within 2-3 seconds. Stop the workout of your pace falls off.

Coach G

I recently purchased a great product I thought I would share with you guys. The other day I got to searching the internet for some new wrist wraps. I have a great pair of EFS wrist wraps that work great for max effort work and shorter sets. But they weren’t made to be worn very long and take a long time to loosen and tighten during met cons. While searching, I found these:

There are a few companies that are making these, but I went with the PR Wraps. They shipped fast and are working well for me! I used them today for the snatches, burpees, and pull ups workout and I was able to quickly tighten them for snatches and loosen them for the burpees. If you are using powerlifting wraps or tape and want another option, these are great! Simple, cheap, and effective.

-Coach C



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