10/26 DE Lower Body Day/Barbells for Boobs (our breast friends)

Start today off with Box squat: 2 reps on the minute (use bands of you can) for 12 minutes

Rest 5-10 minutes

As you all probably know, October is breast cancer awareness month and since October is coming to a close, I figured I would let you all know about a really cool fundraiser named Barbells for Boobs. You can check them out at http://www.barbellsforboobs.org/ Donate if you can, it’s a great cause. Do it for our Breast Friends.

Therefore we are going the crossfit workout “Grace” which is 30 clean and jerks for time!

Good luck and post results to comments!!

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One thought on “10/26 DE Lower Body Day/Barbells for Boobs (our breast friends)

  1. Tyler

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to post my results for today:

    Went pretty light on the box squat with 135 bar weight+about 80 pounds of band tension 2 reps on the :45s for 12 rounds.

    Then I got a PR on grace!! Rx’ed at 135# I got 3:20! I figured that’s about a minute plus pr for me. Not too bad for a Friday!

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