10/18 Choose your own adventure

Choose ONE of the following workouts for today:

Option 1:
For time:
150 jump rope singles
15 pull ups
1 Farmer’s carry 50m
100 jump rope singles
10 pull ups
1 farmer’s carry 50m
50 jump rope singles
5 pull ups
1 farmer’s carry

(If necessary, you may sub bent over rows for pull ups)

Option 2:
Repeats: 100 meters x 10 reps x 2 to 3 sets
(Run 100m, 15 sec, run 100m…..x10)

Rest 6min between sets. Maintain a consistent pace. If pace falls off bad during second set but feel you can still move forward, drop 3rd set to 5 reps. Scale accordingly!

Post results to comments! Good luck!

Coach C & Coach G

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