10/17 DE Upper Body

Perform 3 ring dips every 45 seconds for 10 rounds. If you do not have rings, do regular bar dips.

Rest 5-10 min

For time:
10 down to 1 reps of weighted back squat
1 up to 10 reps push ups
(Perform 10 squats followed by 1 push up. Then 9 squats/2 push ups and so on)

Chose a weight for the back squat that allows you to keep moving as much as possible. The time goal for this workout is sub 10 minutes. Good luck! Post results to comments!

Coach C

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One thought on “10/17 DE Upper Body

  1. Tyler

    I ended up doing 10 rounds of ring dips and 5 more rounds of bar dips. I went really light on the weight for the back squat (95#) in order to move quickly though the workout. I got 6:39 for the met con! Hope everyone enjoyed this one!

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