10/15 ME Lower Body

5×3 dead lift any grip any stance. Try to make all the sets heavy, but ultimately try to get a new 3 rep pr.

Rest 5-10 mins

For time:
Run 400 m
21 kettle bell swings
12 clean and jerks
Run 400 m
15 kettle bell swings
9 clean and jerks
Run 400 m
9 kettle bell swings
6 clean and jerks

Post loads and time to comments!

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One thought on “10/15 ME Lower Body

  1. Tyler

    Hey gang, here is my results from today:

    405×3 last set of dead lifts.

    10:32 on the met con. Used 115 for the clean and jerks. Hope it went well for anyone who tried it! It was a good workout. Peace!

    Coach C

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